About us

Who We Are

TRIA OOH! is Kenya's most dynamic , progressive and creative company in the out of home industry. At TRIA, we help advertisers engage better with consumers by delivering creative and intelligent out-of-home solutions across our diverse product offerings of Transit, Retail, Mall Advertising & Experiential marketing. Established in 2013, TRIA OOH! is a leading media company specialising in out-of-home solutions.

We leverage our network of Buses, Bus Shelters, Malls across Kenya and engage consumers while they are out-of-home. The medium combines the strengths of visual communication with the visibility of outdoor. The medium has an ability to ensure that the advertisers get their message across their most difficult to reach consumers with regularity and across different day parts. We deliver audiences in different frames of mind which enhances the communication impact and also audience recall. The consumer connect that this medium offers is great as it follows the consumer wherever they are: making it a medium present in a day of the life of a consumer.

This new medium is about creating prime time - all day prime time. The idea is to attract and communicate with the consumer at different times of the day while he is involved in different activities; be it at work, shopping or at leisure.


To build Tria to be one of the most recognized and respected brands globally, across diverse media businesses in Africa.


Winning in everything we do because of our people, whilst making a positive difference to others as a result.

Our Values